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Calendar Raffle Winners!
October 2 Peter Flori
October 3 Dawn Catalozzi
October 4 Tammy Plumer
October 5 Tyler Brunelle
October 6 Kimberly Tortolani
October 7 Gary Arriaza
October 8 Mario Pacheco
October 9 Maria Evangelista
October 10 Carol LaCourse
October 11 Michael Smith
October 12 Dan Maguire
October 13 Tom Connell
October 14 Kai Ward
October 15 Jaqueline Plante
October 16 Pete Flori
October 17 Wendy Fagan
October 18 Jessica DeCiantis
October 19 Sabrina Haynes
October 20 Dina Marrocco
October 21 Michael Medeiros
October 22 Janet Kopka
October 23 Heather Keefe
October 24 Richard Moniz
October 25 Emanuela Mesuti
October 26 Nicholas Williams
October 27 Deborah Colacone
October 28 Sabrina Haynes
October 29 Sara Pedron Villa
October 30 Kerri-lyn Colavita
October 31 Herminia Gomin
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